Successful holistic treatment of Clostridium difficile gut infection: case study


With the poor condition of many our gut microbiomes, Clostridium difficile bacterial infections of the colon have become a public health crisis. CDIs (C. diff infections) are now more frequent, more severe, more difficult to treat and more often fatal. These infections typically occur after use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, which eradicate the good gut flora along with the targeted bad bacteria. Ironically, the treatment of choice for CDIs is usually heavy duty antibiotics.

Antibiotics decimate the good, probiotic bacteria living in the gut microbiome. Unfortunately, they have a harder time accessing C. diff bacteria that are hiding in spores these bacteria form inside the wall of the gut.  This often leads to a recurrence of another CDI after the antibiotics have cleared the gut. When a recurrent infection occurs, it is often more severe.

In this article, published in the Oriental Medicine Journal in 2011, I describe how I cured my nasty Clostridium difficile infection using nutritional supplements and diet –  and no antibiotics.

Successful holistic treatment of Clostridium difficile gut infection: case study

See also my 2021 update containing answers to questions people have asked during the ten years since the case study was published.


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