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Posted 1/19/2014. Last updated 3/6/2014.

Simply put, the Allergies and Your Gut website is about how an unbalanced, impaired gut microbiota produces chronic inflammation in the body, which can eventually turn into disease or a disorder. My hope is the information on the site will help you turn that statement around – into knowledge about how to keep your gut flora balanced and healthy so your body will be free of inflammation and disease.
This mind-body website likely wouldn’t have come into being if I hadn’t been who I was from the outset – a little person with Sensory-Processing Sensitivity who noticed everything even when I didn’t want to, was driven to distraction by the flickering of fluorescent lights and high pitched noises, had a bit of synesthesia (my first grade teacher was puzzled when I insisted the number 3 is bright yellow and 4 is a lovely cherry red), had huge reactions to alcohol and pharmaceuticals, and didn’t easily make small talk. My father frequently criticized me for being ‘just too sensitive’, a trait I actually inherited from him. People were either drawn to my intensity or put off by it. I was always a sponge for learning so most teachers liked me.
If you recognize any of this, you are not alone. 15-20% of humanity is in this category. Elaine Aron has been researching high sensitivity since 1991 and has written several useful books on the topic: The Highly Sensitive Person, The Highly Sensitive Child, The Highly Sensitive Person in Love, and The Highly Sensitive Person Workbook.

With doctors, I was often considered a “difficult” patient since Western medicine, with its reliance on pharmaceuticals, caused me many problems, large and small. I recall telling a physician that the corticosteroid he’d given me for conjunctivitis that turned into a massive sinus infection produced itchy bumps under my left armpit that lasted well over a year. He huffily told me he’d never heard of such a symptom and the drug would have been out of my system long before that anyway. Last year I met another highly sensitive person who told me she’d had the same reaction to a corticosteroid given to her as a child and no one believed her either.
So there I was, moving through life, becoming increasingly allergic to various things (dust, cats, foods) and trying to find medical help but then reacting even more severely to pretty much all the medicines I was prescribed.
Eventually I began viewing health in a more holistic way and realized I was going to have to find my own way to achieve it. I did research, sought help from alternative medical care providers: chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, therapeutic massage – and came to appreciate the concept of mind-body medicine for healing myself. At that point, I became a lot more interested in prevention than cure.
Small wonder I became a psychotherapist interested in mind-body interactions and most of the people I work with are also highly sensitive people.


—  Joan Rothchild Hardin, PhD

     New York, NY

DISCLAIMER:  Nothing on this site or blog is intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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7 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Do you have any posts for healing leaky gut? Loved your post on Malfunctioning pyloric valve and ileocecal valve very thorough.

    1. Thanks, Mary. Many of my posts are about what causes a leaky gut and how to heal one, what to do and what to avoid. Here’s one of those posts:

      * AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES: How they develop and how to put them in remission

      * The essential amino acid l-Glutamine is particularly useful for strengthening the gut lining. This is an excellent supplement for doing that:



      The powder is more effective than the capsules. I don’t like powders so take 2 capsules before each meal. (6/day)

      * And here’s a good summary article on how to heal a leaky gut, from a site called Experience Life:


    August 15, 2015

    Hi there,
    thanks so much for all of your wonderful info on the pyloric & Ileocecal valves – super helpful!

    I’ve watched the videos of how to do pyloric & Ileocecal releases and was wondering if you ca tell me how many times per day you can do these exercises? ONly once or can they be repeated a few times?

    I would be so grateful of your reply.

    Many thanks
    Huia from NZ – feeling very hopeful of a new break through!!

    1. Hula,
      I don’t know the answer to your question but my sense is that it wouldn’t be a good idea to do either of these valve releases repeatedly. Seems to me a better approach would be to focus on maintaining the health of the ileocecal valve.

      Here’s what Dr David Williams says about the ileocecal valve & keeping it in good working order:


      1. Hi Joan,
        apologies for the late reply. I only just discovered your response! Thank you and I will have a good look at David’s work.

        Take care,
        Huia =)

  3. Hi! Many thanks!!! I find your articles really complete and interesting. I would want to translate some paragraphs in spanish and put in my blog. saying the source. May I have your permission? María

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