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Photographs Made by Immersing Film in Live Bacteria


Korean photographer Seung-Hwan Oh's facebook photo.  (Source: beautifuldecay.com)
Korean photographer Seung-Hwan Oh’s facebook photo.
(Source: beautifuldecay.com)


Knowing I’m interested in bacteria, a photographer friend sent me an article on a most interesting use of bacteria:
Photographer Immerses His Film in Live Bacteria for Years to Create Unique Portraits
It’s about the photographic work of South Korean artist Seung-Hwan Oh, who fuses art with microbiology. He immerses his developed film portraits of people in various collections of microbes and lets them sit in this bath for weeks – sometimes months or years. The microbes slowly eat away at the silver halide particles in the medium format positive film’s emulsion, destabilizing the silver halides and causing the dyes to run and change color.
His images are copyrighted so I won’t reproduce the others here to tempt you but highly recommend you check out the article, Oh’s website and facebook pages.
The images are stunning!



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